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Cheshire Pet Bereavement offers a professional and confidential counselling service to those experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.

Counselling is offered 'face to face' in our peaceful counselling room in Macclesfield or remotely by video call using either Skype or Zoom.

"It's only a dog"..."Just get another one"
Does this sound familiar?

The pain and grief of losing a pet is often misunderstood and goes unheard. We may feel we can't express our emotions openly and that a hole has been left in our lives that no one understands. For many of us, pets are part of our family and the end of this relationship can bring about a range of distressing emotions; grief, sadness, shock, depression and loneliness. Our homes may feel quiet and empty and it can feel difficult to imagine experiencing joy again.

Uniquely, pet bereavement for some may have involved the decision of euthanasia. The decision to end the life of our ever-present companion can leave us with guilt and questions..."did I do the right thing?" The loss may be sudden, complicating our feelings even further and if left ignored, we might stand still in our grief for longer than is healthy.

For many guardians, the loss of a pet can be more heart breaking than the loss of a human family member, something that might feel hard to express. Your feelings are normal, it is a testimony to the bond you built with your four-legged friend and the emotional investment we make in them. Their loss triggers the same grief process as if we lost a human family member but maybe not always the same level of understanding from society.

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don't hide your emotions

You may be feeling the need to hide your emotions right now, this is known as disenfranchised grief – you are grieving but the grief isn't being acknowledged. Not only can this discount the importance of your relationship with your pet but it can also complicate the natural grieving process.

Animals provide so much more than companionship. They are 'silent' witnesses to our lives every day. They give unconditional love, they feel emotion, they bond with us and they bring structure to our everyday lives. Losing a pet means losing so many things.

Cheshire Pet Bereavement offers you a space in which to share your feelings. You will be heard with compassion and without judgement, so that we can work through the grieving process together towards a place that feels more manageable. You will have an environment in which to talk about your pet openly, to remember them and to explore all that you are holding.

If you are reading this then it is very likely that you (or someone you know) is experiencing intense feelings of sadness. Please remember...there are people who do understand and you don't have to struggle in silence alone.


Sometimes when you're feeling sad, when all you want is me,
I softly sit and gently put my head upon your knee
Some nights when your heart does ache,
worn out by tears you weep,
I quietly lie beside your bed,
and guard you as you sleep.
Somewhere far beyond this place,
a land where all run free,
I'm calmly watching over you,
and waiting patiently.
Someday when the time is right,
your voice will call to me,
And I'll come running like the wind,
Someday...wait and see.

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